Owner's Manual for the Dragonwing Oval Pavilion

This is the owner's manual for one of the first pavilions Dragonwing made. It was produced from 1987 to 1996, in a "fabric only" configuration. The manual is included on this web site mostly for historical reasons, although I made a few of them and I'm confident that at least some of them (particularly the ones made of Pyrotone or Fyrecoat) are still functional. This version of the owner's manual is the only one that came with instructions on how to make the frame.

The instructions make reference to a template for the end ribs and the hinges. This template isn't on the website, since it's a blueprint approximately four feet long. But can be ordered from Dragonwing for $10.00,

When Dragonwing began selling these tents complete with frame in 1996, the frame was virtually identical to the one described in this owner's manual. The only significant difference was the replacement of the cross pole with an interior guy rope, to save weight. The rope was permanently connected to the side poles, as illustrated in the later version of the owner's manual. It's a rather simple matter to retrofit the rope to existing frames with cross poles.