The Pavilion Book

by John LaTorre

The Pennsic Independent writes: "From reading the text it is evident that the author fully understands his art ... Anyone who camps in tents, from novices to old timers like this reviewer can benefit from reading The Pavilion Book."

Tournaments Illuminated writes: "The Pavilion Book lives up to its claim -- a guide to buying, maintaining, and living in a medieval-style tent. It should also be noted that it has good advice on making your own tent...The Pavilion Book offers good, clear guidance and answers to all your tent questions. The author does a good job of detailing the types of tents that are available and accepted as Society-period, and goes into every detail of types of cloth, construction methods, and support materials... Whether you are just considering buying or building a tent, or you have years of experience, you will find that this book is one that will save you from uncertainty at the least, and likely will save you time and money."

Here, in one book for the first time, is your complete guide to buying, maintaining, and living in a Medieval-style tent. The author, a professional tentmaker and long-time re-enactment enthusiast, tells you about

Includes a section that gives the tentmaker information on designing the ideal tent, including This is the book that includes what most tent manuals and plans leave out – the simple, basic knowledge of how to buy or make a practical, beautiful shelter, and of how to keep it working efficiently and comfortably year after year.

ISBN 978-0-9796035-0-3

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