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If you've visited this page before, you'll notice that many of the articles originally listed here have disappeared. That's because they can now be found in The Pavilion Book, usually in a greatly expanded and updated version. However, we've left some of the most popular ones here as a service to our visitors.

Articles on Tentmaking

Buying a Tent

Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck

How to Make Your Own Pavilion

An update of an article John wrote for Tournaments Illuminated a few years ago.

Pavilion Design

An article by Steven Peck on how he designed and made his own tent.

Making an arming tent out of a market umbrella

A look at the design process

Plans for a 12' Round Pavilion

Building a "BC" type sunshade,

sewing a simple but versatile sunshade.

Tent Frames seen around the SCA

How other tentmakers have solved the problem of structure.

Tools of the (Tentmaking) Trade

The lowdown on sewing machines and workspaces

Some Thoughts on Spoke Hub Design

-- Intended as an information sheet and ordering guide for buyers of our pre-made spoke hubs, but there's a lot of information on making your own from scratch.

A Better Joint for Center Poles and Ridge Poles

--And How Makes One-Person Set-up Possible

Tent Fabrics

Now fabrics differ, and how to choose what's right for your design

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

The mystery of types and grades of canvas explained

Patches, Hems, and Seams

The mechanics of putting cloth together

Stakes and Ropes

Staying Connected to terra firma with the right ropes and stakes

Painting your Tent

When stark, bare white just isn't good enough anymore.

Painted tents in the SCA

A look at how others have improved the looks of their tents.

Tent Maintenance

Tuning your Tent

Adjustments that make your tent work better and last longer

Tent Repairs

When good tents go bad, here's how to make them good again

Coming Clean

How to Wash your Tent

Combatting Mildew

John takes on a severely mildewed tent, tries out a number of remedies, and tells you which ones worked, and which ones didn't.

Tips and Tricks

-- A caution about manila ropes, extending rope life, and no-sew fabric repairs

Waterproofing your tent

An overview of products and techniques

The Art of SCA Camping

"Fast-Up" Tent Pitching

A better way to set up your tent, especially in winds

How to be a Happy Camper

An article contributed by the West Kingdom's foremost authority on the subject

Camping Safely in the SCA

Solar cooking at its simplest

A decidedly non-period but simple and convenient way of getting your food cooked while you're playing

Tips on towing a trailer

What to know when you get that trailer to haul your camp gear

Camping in Style at Pennsic

in which Master Bedwyr Danwyn explaines some of the tricks he's learned over the years

Toward a (More) Period Encampment

in which John explains some methods for giving your encampment a bigger part in your historical re-enactment activities

Camp Furniture and Accessories

Duke Frederick's Firepit

Complete plans for the best fire pit we've seen.

A Collapsible Wooden Stool

Plans and construction hints for a stool based on period sources.

A Medieval-style Wooden Chest

A roomy chest that doubles as a camp stool

A Portable Table

A lightweight feast table that packs flat

Research and Ruminations on Historical Tentage

What Held Them Up?

Some speculation on period tent frames.

Where the Devil Is

Details of Period Tents

What's This?

Interpreting Pictures of Period Tentage

Painted Period Tents

A few period examples of painted designs

On Tents and Crucifixions

How to find something, after you've given up looking for it.

Miscellaneous Articles

The London Bridge

An article not about tents, for a change.

The Harp

Something else not about tents, for a change

Making nuts for musical instrument

for all you beginning (and intermediate) luthiers out there

KHIP Radio

An article I wrote years ago about a free-form radio station, now defunct but whose spirit lives on...

Confessions of a Tentmaker

How I Got Started in Tentmaking

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